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“Innovative, fantastic, very engaging and encouraging for learning….The skillful film arts and ways of presentation utilized in Encounters represent a new and substantial development of teaching materials preparation. No doubt Encounters will be a major contribution to the Chinese teaching field.”
– Chengzhi Chu, Ph.D., Director of the Chinese Language Program, University of California, Davis

“I love the multimedia approach of Encounters!”
– LanHui Zhang Ryder, Northern Illinois University

“I like the natural context and the different types of exercises in the Encounters textbook, and the video is nothing short of great.”
–Hannah Lin, West Virginia University

“A powerful and innovative textbook series for students of Chinese.”
– Christopher Lupke, Washington State University

“As a teacher, I like the architecture of the book and its efforts to teach American students in a more communicative way.
– Yinong Yang, Buckingham Browne & Nichols

“By focusing in the first lessons on basic survival pronunciation, Encounters gives students more confidence in learning Chinese. A wonderful textbook! And the video series provides an authentic and high-quality environment in which to learn Chinese.”
–Bei Chen, University of North Texas

“This is a unique effort. The key here is the focus on the essentials of communication. The web component is great, and I love the video – as a nonnative speaker, I especially want the kids to hear someone who is not me!”
–Erica Dieselman, Hingham High School

“Among the many strengths of Encounters are the emphasis on culture in the videos, the variety of activities, and the useful review sections.”
–Jing Zhai, Marquette University

“Wonderful textbooks! With Encounters' well-constructed units and careful organization, I can save a lot of planning time.”
–Jia Yanmei, Perry County Central High

“Particularly for high school freshmen (who make up a majority of my introductory Chinese class), I need materials that are hands-on and practical if I am to maintain their focus and interest. Encounters promises just that.”
–Peter Bonanno, Suffield Academy

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